Ippuku in Berkeley has quickly become a new favorite of mine. After being introduced to it last month, I brought my cousin here for the Japanese small plates, and drinks. Although I’m convinced my grapefruit cocktail was more like grapefruit juice and water, it was still refreshing and delicious. I also love the idea of small plates so that you can have lots of different options and not stuff yourself to the brim. Ordering a few dishes is perfect! It’s a must try, and those who are brave can try raw chicken. Although I’m not sure what percentage of people end up with salmonella or with food poisoning going that route. I can say that all the cooked things I have tried are all simple and delicious, and it helps that the spot is adorable. A must try. 

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This is a little blog to show the small everyday moments in my life that make up who I am. I promise lots of posts about family and friends, favorite music, incredible food, and of course... my cat.

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