POETRY | i am swimming in your love

i can pinpoint exactly when it was that i fell in love with you 

it was when we first brushed up against each other

you almost kissed me, and i turned away

because i knew this time it was different

that you would take me places i couldn’t even imagine

discover parts of myself i had spent so long covering up

your embrace has always been my safety

your whispers still swirl around me 
your tongue grazes itself against my skin

and that feeling never left

you make it easy to be me, and easy to be us

i’ve never been at greater peace with myself than when i’m with you
-Laiseng Saechao, 8.15.2016

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This is a little blog to show the small everyday moments in my life that make up who I am. I promise lots of posts about family and friends, favorite music, incredible food, and of course... my cat.

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