Please come in, welcome to the blog warming party.

Hello readers! I have decided to officially start a blog (what?!). This is something that I have been thinking of doing in the past couple of years, but did not necessarily prioritize or feel incredibly committed to. However, I realized that after post-grad it would be great to share some of my life with friends and family. I feel as though my summer has been incredibly exciting especially considering my summer fellowship, and my new experiences having moved back to the Bay Area. This next year will be a lot of figuring out what I want to do next, and I’d love to be able to share my thoughts and reflections with you all. It may not be exciting every single day, but I promise it will be worth it! There will be lots of work related posts, a great deal of food and music, and of course some great stories about my cat. Welcome to the blog warming party, I hope you’ll consider staying!