POETRY | unspoken

this is the pain of trial and errors
that in pursuit of gold you may only find dirt
and sometimes you are left wondering
if maybe it was better to have not searched at all
that you might not miss what you were so eager to find
but there is a way that gold insinuates greed

we should have let it be precisely what it was
twenty four hours of lust and a lifetime of playful curiosities
that made us wonder what if
and instead we scrounged for more
to only let ourselves misinterpret kisses and touch
for what we believed could have been love

-Laiseng Saechao. 3.27.2016

BLOG | I’m scared of promises now.

There was a time where I thought the world revolved around you. As though my existence was solely dependent on you being my center of gravity. A frame of mind that survival was for a life that was not my own, but for us.

I know now how wrong that was. The way I loved you, and the way you loved me back.

As if you’d be there always, and forever. As though love was supposed to be painful and a symbol of triumph. That forgiveness was mandatory even when my heart wasn’t healed.

We built a statue, I just didn’t know it was made of ruins.